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So, you've worked worked and worked all your life. It's time to retire now. So, how do you make retirement enjoyable? Join us at the Golden Age Citizen Forums.
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Welcome to Golden Age Citizen Forum

This forum seeks to alleviate the stresses and anxiety that comes with retirement from a regularly paying job, with a regular schedule of activities and a pre-defined set of actions/activities for each day. Our goal is to ensure that you enter in to a joyous, healthy and fulfilled retirement phase where you live the life of your dreams, while also sharing your life's experiences with the world.

Our Target Group

This forum targets to bring together recently retired civil servants, teachers, employed people who are preparing for retirement and people who have worked in the informal sector but fall in the age category of between 50 to 69 years of age.

Basically, any Kenyan citizen in the age bracket of 50 years up to 70 years will be a fit for this forum. If you are either recently retired, or just about to retire, you are welcome to join us.

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You are in a good hands....

Are you recently retired and don't know what to do with yourself? Are you anxious about your life after employment? Do you have difficulties relating with your spouse, family members and the general public after coming back home to stay without going to a job? Are you worried that your title has been stripped off by retirement? Do you need a support group to help you get through retirement in style and happiness? Are you worried that you never invested well while in your productive life and don't know how to survive in retirement now? Golden age citizen forum is your stop point for the right solutions. Join us and meet other people in the same situation and let's get through this together.