About Us

They say Old is Gold. We agree; what with the accumulated wisdom, richness of experience and a full taste of life!

But then, why do some of us retire to a life of misery, pain, loneliness, abject poverty and disease?

Let’s explore this Golden Age together so that we can find out what to do, where to go, where to invest, where to hang out, the diseases, ailments and conditions to expect as well as how to manage them, and everything in between that defines us as The Golden Age Citizens.

Our goal is to also bring on board experts on various areas of a better living to ensure that we get the best advise on how to have a better retirement life. We’ll engage financial experts, doctors, nutritionists and experienced retirees who’ve succeeded in having a great retirement life, among others.

While at it, we’ll organize events where we can come together and share knowledge, experiences accumulated over the years, and to also just have fun together.

We welcome your contributions to this blog; share your experiences, joys, pains, ideas and needs at this retirement age so that we can, together, help each other enjoy a more fulfilled life beyond our production life.

Please also share this platform with a friend who is also within this age bracket. This way, we will learn and have fun together.