Support Golden Age Citizens in Kenya

Support Golden Age Citizen

In order to make the lives of the Golden Age Citizens in Kenya better, a lot of resources are needed. We need resources to organize the various categories of events, medical resources, physical exercise equipment, hall rentals, as well as facilitation of all the activities aimed at this target group. We therefore, require monetary support, human resource support and facilitation support to make these programs a success.

If you are a resource person who would like to volunteer to work with us (doctors, nurses, counselors, fitness experts, motivational speakers, etc), please talk to us via the form below.

Again, if you would like to provide us with any equipment or tools (medical equipment, gym equipment, office furniture, etc) to help us be a successful program, also kindly get in touch with us.

Finally, if you would like to support us financially, we will really appreciate your donation. Use the form below to reach us.

Offer Financial SupportBe A VolunteerBe a Resource PersonProvide Equipment and ToolsFacilitate an Event