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In GoldenAgeCitizen.com forums, we envision an all round happy, healthy and successful retiree, who has what it takes to live through the retirement age in fun, without being a burden to the society. This is why we break down our daily, weekly and monthly activities in to bits that will cover all areas of a happy lifestyle.

Below are the activities and goals we have for all our members:


We hold monthly health clinics to diagnose possible disorders, conditions and diseases in the members of this forum. We partner with well experienced and highly sort after medical experts to bring the best medical attention to the golden age citizens. This ensures that you get an informed diagnoses of your medical condition right from your comfort zone before going to any medical center. You also get the chance to ask those embarrassing questions that you would otherwise not ask while visiting a hospital, right from within your comfort zone.

This exercise also ensures that the many misdiagnoses that have been previously witnessed in this age group when they visit various medical centers are reduced to a bare minimum.

Diet and Food

We hold monthly diet clinics where members learn about how to eat well at this age, some home remedies for various health conditions, awesome healthy food recipes and good nutrition for a healthy and energetic mind & body.

You not only learn what to eat for a better health in this age, but we also experiment and share various recipes for making the various healthy foods. This ensures that you do not get bored eating a certain food item because you only prepare or cook it in one way.

While at it, we share on the various super foods that this age group should have in their daily diet to get rid of, or keep away, some of the health complications that arise with this age.

Physical Exercises

We hold weekly physical exercises clinics to keep the members’ bodies strong. We also organize physiotherapy sessions for members, especially those with weak and physically challenged bodies owing to various past medical conditions or accidents.

It is a fact that a majority of the members of this age group rarely exercise their bodies. They therefore, have very weak muscles and bodies that are easily attacked by diseases. To help alleviate this, we organize simple indoor and outdoor exercises & sports to ensure that members of this forum keep fit and strong. Breaking a little sweat is good for your health.

Meet, Greet & Bond

We hold weekly bonding, relaxation and interaction sessions where members just come together to talk, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. These forums are aimed and helping members identify people within the forum with whom they share common challenges. This way, they can share ways of overcoming such challenges that work together.

It is a fact that one is not able to share what they are going through in life with someone else if they cannot connect and identify with them. In these forums, members will come together, talk in groups, share a podium and tell their stories. Then, they make new friends with whom they identify with, and with whom they can confide in.

While at it, we will also partner with guidance and counseling experts, who also fall within this age group, to help keep the members of this forum grounded and not overtaken by their challenges. In other words, we will have both peer to peer counseling, as well as professional counseling services.

Fun Activities

We organize regular recreational activities and tours for members of this forum based on interests and personal goals. We will, for instance, organize golf tours, farming field trips, fun outings, international shopping trips, business trips and more.


Once every month, we will hold a motivational talk and/or go on a motivational tour where members get empowered in mind and spirit. These talks and tours will help get the members away from their familiar ground so that they can expand their mind, and relax their mind and body.

Technology Empowerment

We will have monthly technology talks and training to equip this group of people with modern technology skills so that they are not left behind with technological trends advancements. They will be taught about social media, use of modern technological gadgets effectively (phones, tablets, computers, etc) and any other emerging technological issues.

Investment Forums

Being an area of concern for a majority in this group, and especially since not many employed people invested in their retirement, we will hold monthly investment forums where members are taught of the various low capital, high return investments opportunities out there. This way, they can plan their pension payments so that they can use them to grow a source of income that will sustain them over their sunset years without relying on the productive young workforce in the country.

Mind Empowerment

As time goes by, we will build a well stocked library with books (especially motivational, inspirational, religious, business and investment books), DVDs and other learning resources to keep the members engaged and busy, as well as to keep their brains sharp and fully functional. We will also have a TV hall, IT Center and a newspaper section where members can go daily to catch up with friends and the daily happenings locally, and across the globe.

Golden Aged Citizens’ Hub

Finally, in partnership with sponsors who share our vision, we will build a hub ya wazee across the various counties in Kenya, which will be a single location/building, where most of the above-mentioned activities can be held. These hubs will have medical centers, libraries, gym & sports centers, guidance and counseling centers, halls where events & classes can be held, IT sections, and study areas where members can sit and learn, or write their books quietly without disturbance.


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